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Although Surrogacy has made itself well known or, dare I say it, popular, I believe that the general population wonder what motivates women to become surrogate mothers or gestational carriers. It is understood that infertile couples or singles will explore all their options, surrogacy contained, but why on earth would a perfectly healthy girl want to go through a pregnancy, labor and delivery for mere strangers? (which happens in the majority of those cases.)
The first conclusion is cash. I would like to dispel that myth straight away. A first time carrier with her own health insurance may be entitled to compensation/reimbursements between $30,000 and $35,000. What is this money used for? It is illegal to’sell’ a baby, or your body for that matter, so why is money involved in any respect? This compensation is to be used while the surrogate is pregnant with a child to support her during the pregnancy. She can use it for whatever she likes but it’s allowed for insurance, food, local transportation, and basic living expenses. Other’benefits’ recorded in a contract might be clothing, child care, out of state travel, house keeping and invasive procedures. Often it takes months before a surrogate becomes pregnant and even then it might take 2 or 3 IVF treatments. Any compensation is minimal. She quickly finds that she could make more money working at a fast food restaurant for minimum wage!
Perhaps attention is the motivator? Some girls enjoy being the center of attention while pregnant and as a surrogate, attention is a massive part of the journey! Not only is her own family focused on her IP’s and their loved ones are in the picture… waiting for the big day to arrive. It’s a heady feeling and possibly one of the many reasons why some women become surrogates more then once.
Is it that she actually enjoys being pregnant? A woman who’s raising her own children may have LOVED being pregnant however, as much as she adores her own kids, economically it’s just not feasible to raise a dozen or more babies… so combined with helping another couple she can enjoy the experience of being pregnant again.
Maybe the benefit in being a surrogate is helping another family enjoy what she already has, babies… a new generation… a branch on the family tree. Seeing the faces of her Intended Parents as she sees them holding THEIR own baby is sometimes all the incentive that some women desire.
Honestly, I think it is a combination of all the above. Any excess money that comes into a house, through surrogacy or a raise or a windfall, is always welcomed. I have heard of some women buying a much needed car, taking their family on a dream vacation, paying off bills, paying tuition for their own child and yes, even a down payment on a house. Possessing the ability to help another family and enjoying all the gratitude and rewards that come with this is a wonderful feeling… one that stays with you for the rest of your life especially if the connection lives up to what you dreamed it should be. Recognizing this, as a surrogate, there’s a little life out there making some very special people happy is a wonderful feeling. A heady experience which, often times, makes a woman willing to carry for someone else again… and again!
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