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Yes, this isn’t about me as a father to my daughters, but it’s a pondering into what the Father must want for His daughter.
I think about what I want for my three daughters; for them not only to be responsible adults and loving and respectful partners, but to be safe and respected and loved and cherished by the men in their lives; by all men in society – and most girls.
As a man I very well understand how men think and how they feel and the challenges that a man faces simply in treating women with the respect they deserve; that all humanity deserves. I understand as a pastor, a counsellor, and as a chaplain just how much I’ve fallen short in my thoughts and feelings and activities, as a man I mean.
I rationalised that, even in endeavouring to live a godly life, I still struggle to attain to the standards of thought, feeling, and action that I would like to meet. I am so fortunate that the women close to me have been gracious in understanding that although my intent reveals possible, my deployment is occasionally awry.
In recent days I’ve seen attacks on feminism as if every man who speaks up for females in society has fallen for some trick. These men and women against’feminism’ are deluded. Of course, violence against anyone is unacceptable, and women are not immune from being violent, but guys own the stake in how to move forward if the world has any hope beyond violence.
I find it a ridiculous argument that men denounce women’s rights to safety when they use an aggression cloaked in all sorts of vile devices, including inappropriate humour that is supposed to be funny but is just disgusting. And feeble women join in. Some of us are beyond enjoying anyone.
What must the Father need for His daughter?
Certainly, he needs His daughter to be treated as if she’s a princess. Because she is a princess.
Does a man eliminate anything for treating a girl like a princess?
Where’s the chivalry gone that says,’I choose to treat you as beautiful for who you are.’
Every dad worthy of being called a father should want goodness and favour for his daughter. And that is just the earthly father. Needless to say, we can ask what the Father wants for his son, and the Father must want his son to prosper as the protector of life, and to revere the Father’s glory in the women about him.
To be correctly egalitarian, I think it’s crucial we get the gender differences right.
They follow their men, always desiring their guys to lead by means of respect and protection. I know few women who would be capable of abusing men for the want of it. Sure, I’ve seen women that are capable of abusing men, and I wonder what role men have played in the development of the women in question. Men are not blameless.
The Father wants the best for His daughter.
The Father demands that His daughter be loved by being respected. The Father wants no fear against His daughter. The Father expects that His daughter could flourish. Along with the Father promises to travel with His daughter.
And if we care anything about God we need to do His will.
What the Father Wants for His Daughter

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